The establishment of El Nido Foundation, Inc. (ENF) was spearheaded by the Andres Soriano Jr. Foundation (ASJRF), under the leadership of Carlos T. Soriano. ASJRF was the pioneering development organization in El Nido through the Ten Knots Development Corporation (TKDC), owner and developer of El Nido Resorts.

Then TKDC owners, Andres Soriano Corporation and Nissin Sugar Manufacturing Corporation, organized the El Nido Foundation with the end view of improving the quality of life of El Nido residents while at the same time conserving the natural environment of the area.

General administrative and operating expenses of the Foundation are funded primarily by interest income derived from the endowment, from the seed fund established by the Andres Soriano Jr. Foundation, Andres Soriano Corporation, and Nissin Sugar Manufacturing Corporation. Both local and foreign donors fund program costs.

The El Nido Foundation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 21, 1994.