Early Years

  • ENF spearheaded the formulation of the El Nido Municipal Resource Management Framework through facilitation of a stakeholders’ workshop in 1996. Through the initiative of ENF and civil society partners, the framework was updated in 2002 and became the basis for El Nido municipality’s Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan (CLWUP), which was endorsed in 2003 by Palawan province’s Land Use Committee.

  • Facilitated the formation and institutionalization of the Protected Area Management Board of El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area, a body composed of local stakeholders tasked to manage natural resource-related initiatives in the area. As Chair of the PAMB’s Rules and Regulations Committee, ENF’s participation led to the development of the Internal Rules and Regulations of the board; and as Member of the Resource Mobilization Committee, ENF leads in defining and implementing strategies that would ensure the sustainability of the Protected Area’s operations, especially in ecological conservation efforts.

  • Through its integrated local governance-health agenda, ENF facilitated Barangay Planning and Budgeting workshops in 9 of El Nido’s 18 barangays, which led to the inclusion of community primary health care concerns in the barangays’ Annual Implementation Plan and Budget for the year. This activity is to ensure the sustainability of health reforms advocated by the project at the community level.

  • Development and conservation of water resource systems through the rehabilitation of the watershed area in the village of Bebeladan (40 hectares of degraded forest cover in Mt. Mainlong, Bebeladan, El Nido). The reforestation increased the water holding capacity of Mt. Mainlong so that potable water is now available to many households not only in Bebeladan but also in villages near Bebeladan.

Seaview from the Bebeladan watershed area.
Bebeladan Water Service Cooperative (BEWASECO) (above photo), the group in charge in the maintenance of the water system and SIPAG (below photo), the women's group in Bebeladan, holding one of its organizational meetings.
  • Community organizing and community development in the villages by providing the necessary support in forming the people’s organizations (POs) and the trainings to make the POs viable and self-reliant. These organizations are the Bebeladan Water Service Cooperative (BEWASECO), Samahan sa Ikauunlad at Pagkakaisa ng El Nido (SIPAG, or Organization for the Development and Unity of El Nido –a women’s organization). ENF also helped organize the Cottages, Resorts, and Restaurants Association of El Nido (CRRAEN), and the El Nido Pumpboat Owners and Operators Association of El Nido (ENPOOA).

  • Provision of college and agricultural technology scholarship for deserving, capable, and diligent students. There are now 11 graduates, majority of whom have gone back to El Nido and are employed in other non-government organizations, helping out in ENF’s various activities and endeavors.

  • Construction of a school-building at the El Nido National High School in the early 90s.