Establishment of Community-Managed Marine/Mangrove Areas

A total of 1,077.6 hectare for marine, and 1,626.69 hectares for mangroves in 14 barangays

Enforcement support

Establishment of guard house and capacity building

Participation of Local Stakeholders

Active involvement in the formulation of CMMA Plans

Biodiversity Research and Monitoring

Tier 1 Community Level Monitoring

Tier 2 Management Level Monitoring

  • Fish Visual Census

  • Benthic

  • Seagrass

Aberawan mangrove site delineation

Aberawan CMMA Plan presentation

Mangrove monitoring in Aberawan

Mangrove planting in Bagong Bayan

Community feedbacking sessions

CMMA Planning in Bagong Bayan

Caravan in Bucana

COT Collection in Lalutaya

CRM Orientation in Bucana

Manta Tow Survey

CMMA Planning in Buena Suerte

Caravan in Cadlao Island

Barangay Corongcorong

CMMA Planning in Corongcorong

Coral reef area

Coastal marine zonation in Barangay Mabini

Survey in Barangay Mabini

CMMA Planning in Mabini

Caravan in Manlalic and Danat in Manlag

Tourism stakeholders workshop

Mangrove survey in Danat Manlag

Groundtruthing of mangrove area in New Ibajay

Management planning in Barangay Sibaltan

Manta tow in Teneguiban

Mangrove survey in Lio, Villa Libertad

Mooring buoy installation in Villa Paz

CMMA planning in Villa Paz