Sustainable Livelihood

Organic Fertilizer Production

ENF promotes environment-friendly technology by conducting trainings in natural farming, organic fertilizer production, integrated pest management, as well as market linkaging for its cooperators. One important market event that ENF helped establish is the now twice weekly Tabuan or Market Day, held every Wednesday and Saturday at the public market place of El Nido.

Training on Basic Ecotour-guiding

In partnership with the Municipal Tourism Office, ENF has been conducting skills trainings on tourism-related services, such as food and beverage service, kitchen skills, housekeeping, massage services, and basic ecotour-guiding.

Organic Vegetable Farming

Training on Organic Pig / Happy Pig Fattening Using Natural Farming Technology

In recognition of its efforts in promoting sustainable agriculture, and as part of Sharing Lessons Learned, ENF was invited by the Department of Agriculture, through then Sec. Proceso Alcala, to be a Resource Speaker during the National Organic Agriculture Congress held at the PICC on October 18, 2013. Topic was on Supporting Ecotourism in a Marine Conservation Area through Sustainable Agriculture. Program including the topic is shown above.