Information, Education and Communication

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is a strategy to spread awareness through communication channels to a target audience and achieve a desired positive result.

ENF has adopted various IEC strategies as integral component of its social and environmental programs. The strategy shares information through a variety of channels including cost-effective print media, or target-specific IECs through interpersonal communication such as caravans, community consultations, and feedbacking sessions.

Campaign against COVID-19


Environmental Caravan in Barangays

Marine Wildlife Monitoring Board

Caravan in Barangay Sibaltan

Caravan in Mayaod Tenguiban

Caravan in Manlalic and Danat, Manlag

Reef Fishes of El Nido Book Launching

What started as a campaign to eradicate malaria has now become one of the most unique festivals in Palawan. This festival is celebrated from 15th to 18 March every year, hosted by the town of El Nido. Participants’ costumes made-up of Kulambo (mosquito nets) are used during the street parade. This festivity is also accompanied by dancing, singing, and large gatherings along with regional delicacies on display.