Capturing coral reef and related ecosystem services (CCRES) Project

Donor: Global Environment Facility (GEF) thru The University of Queensland (UQ)

Location: 18 Barangays, Municipality of El Nido

Duration: July 2014 to June 2016

The CCRES project is a technical assistance project that seeks to support coastal management across the East Asia-Pacific.

The key question the CCRES project sought to answer is: How do we assist decision-makers improve the welfare of people who depend upon coral reef-related ecosystems for their food, protection and livelihoods?

The multi-disciplinary activities undertaken at El Nido involved leading centres of science, learning and engagement from the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and the United States. Based on this research CCRES has developed tools (models, applications, processes, frameworks) for use in marine planning, systems analysis, business development and behaviour change projects. The tools assist coastal planners, managers and policymakers to make informed decisions that enhance livelihoods and food security, improve community welfare, and sustain coastal ecosystems.

The CCRES Project aims to:

  • Determine the value and market potential of services provided by coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs and mangroves.

  • Determine the potential for existing and new businesses to protect or improve the services provided by coastal ecosystems whilst making a profit.

  • Promote change in the management of coastal ecosystems through outreach, decision support and learning using the results of the project.

Focus group discussion in Barangay San Fernando

Focus group discussion in Barangay Barotuan