Marie Antonette J. Meñez, Ph. D.


  • Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (1991) University of Rhode Island, Kingston Rhode Island, USA

  • M.Sc. in Marine Biology (1986) University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City

  • B.S. in Marine Science cum laude (1981) University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City


Full Professor: Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines (UPMSI)

Director, Marine Science Institute (May 21012- November 2015)

Deputy Director for the Bolinao Marine Laboratory, UPMSI (2009 –April 2012)

Deputy Director for Instruction, UPMSI (2001-2002)

Deputy Director for Research, UPMSI (1995-1996)

Coastal Resources Management and Environmental Governance specialist (various national projects)


  • Basic Research: Invertebrate Biology, Larval Ecology and Recruitment, Benthic Ecology, Population Genetics; Behavioural Ecology, Integrative Taxonomy;

  • Applied Research and Development Work: Sustainable Mariculture and Fisheries Management of High-value Marine Invertebrates; Stock Restoration; Environmental Governance, Marine Protected Area Networks, Socio-Ecological Systems


  • More than 30 years of research and development experience in marine biodiversity conservation and management

  • Over 60 Scientific publications in various ISI journals, non-ISI and local and international scientific symposium proceedings, book chapters, training manuals

  • Nationally recognized for contributions in the field of Marine Ecology and Conservation. Award/Recognition gained include:

  • Gawad Saka Outstanding Agricultural Scientist (2008-2009) Presidential National Award, Department of Agriculture

  • Hugh Greenwood Environmental Science Awardee (2007)- National Academy of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology

  • Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service –Science (Marine Ecology) (2001) TOWNS Foundation, Inc.

  • Outstanding Young Scientist (Marine Biology) (1991)- National Academy of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology

  • AGHAM Congressional Medal of Excellence in R&D in Marine Biology (June 2011)

  • University of the Philippines Scientist I (2006-2018) Awardee, University of the Philippines System

  • Gawad Chancellor Award: Outstanding Faculty for Extension Services (1999) University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

  • Dr. Elvira O. Tan Award Best Published Paper in Marine Fisheries (2007)-Licuanan, W.Y., P.A. Aliño, W.L. Campos, G.B. Castillo, M.A. Juinio-Meñez. 2006. A decision support model for determining sizes of marine protected

  • Dr. Elvira O. Tan Award Best Published Paper in Marine Fisheries (2008) Juinio-Menez, M.A., H.G. Bangi, M. Malay, D. Pastor. Enhancing the recovery of depleted Tripneustesgratilla stocks through grow-out culture and restocking. Reviews in Fisheries Science 16(1-3): 35-43.

  • Member of the Philippine delegation as technical resource person to the U.N. 1st and 3rd Preparatory Committee on Biological Diversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (March 2016 ; April 2017)

  • Chair RP-US S&T TWG on Marine Biodiversity ( 2015-2016)

  • Member of national technical working group in regional scientific and interagency workshops related to “Managing conflicts in the South China Sea” , and regional marine cooperation programs in capability building and interdisciplinary research programs (IOC- West Pacific); North Pacific EBSA workshop, Moscow ( March 2013), etc.

  • Proponent and lead investigator in 30 completed collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects local and international funded research projects ; ongoing projects:

  • Country Project Leader: Expansion & Diversification of Production and Management Systems for Sea Cucumbers in the Philippines, Vietnam and N Australia (funded by theAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research in collaboration with University of Sunshine Coast, Australia)

  • Project Leader: Identifying management units for high value sea cucumber species Holothuriascabra and Stichopushorrens; Enhancing Sea Cucumber Production: Uncovering and Utilizing Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development Program; (funded by the Department of Science and Technology)

Selected Recent Publications: Gorospe, J. C., J.P. Altamirano, M.A. Juinio-Meñez. (2017). Viability of a bottom-set tray ocean nursery system for Holothuriascabra Jaeger 1833 . Aqua. Res. 48(12):5984-5992.N. Palomar-Abesamis, M.A. Juinio-Meñez, M.J. Slater. (2017). Effects of light and microhabitat on activity pattern and behavior of wild and hatchery-reared juveniles of Stichopus cf. horrens,. J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. UK. doi:10.1017/S0025315417000972
Sanchez-Escalona, K.P., P.M. Aliño, M.A. Juinio-Meñez. (2017). Evidence of Shape sexual dimorphism in StrombusluhuanusLinnaeus 1758 (Gastropoda: Strombidae). J. Conchology 42 (6) 395-400.M.A.Juinio-Meñez, E. T. Tech, I. P. Ticao, J. C. Gorospe, C. A. Edullantes, R. V. Rioja. 2017. Adaptive and integrated culture production systems for the tropical sea cucumber Holothuriascabra. Fisheries Research. vol. 186, Pt. 2 :502-513
N. Palomar-Abesamis, R. Abesamis , M.A. Juinio-Meñez. (2017). Distribution and microhabitat associations of the juveniles of a high-value sea cucumber Stichopus cf. horrens, in northern Philippines. Aqt. Ecol. 51:17-31.
R.V. Azanza, P.M. Aliño, R.B. Cabral, M.A. Juinio-Meñez, E.M. Pernia, R.U. Mendoza, C.S. Siriban. (2017). Valuing and managing the Philippines’ marine resources towards a prosperous ocean-based blue economy. Public Policy XVIII: 1-26.
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